About Me

I am Enza Leano, Ph.D in Computational and Information Sciences since 5th June 2013. I graduated at University of Naples "Federico II" under Prof. Franco Cutugno and Prof. Adriano Peron supervision.

My Ph.D Tesis, named "A Content Management System for Spatio-Temporal data: Tadaima", is about spatio-temporal modelling and visualization and semantic web. You can see a captivating (immodestly speaking of course) presentation here. (It was made using Prezi, just take a look at this tool, it will change your life!!!).

My research interests are Spatial and Temporal data modelling and visualization, (Geospatial) Semantic Web and Semi-structured Database.

Contact details

Currently, I have a real  job (well, here in Italy research can't be a real  job...) in the R&D departement of a private company, so I have no Institutional affiliation, but if you wish to contact me for my past (and future :)) projects just write me at: enza dotmark leano atmark gmail dotmark com